Torrential Exponential is an Australian-based bleeding edge technology company, partnering with businesses and individuals to develop, commercialise and scale innovative products.

At TorExp we pride ourselves on picking the right technology and products for the right time. If you have a business, system or idea you think is able to take on the world, we want to help you!

As we have a heavy development pipeline, we only take on truely exponential and disruptive products.


Anton Harrison-Kern is a Co-Founder of Torrential Exponential and business evolution architect with over 20 years experience in I.T. and business consulting. His forte is interpersonal communication and business workflow, which is highly advantageous in any business project. He is driven by seeing his clients excel, and only embarks on projects where he sees value for all concerned. Anton’s passion for database management and big data means he has been at the forefront of the digital revolution.


Duncan Munro is a Co-Founder of Torrential Exponential and has built a career from implementing simple, pragmatic solutions to complex business problems. He holds several post-graduate degrees in Engineering Science and Business & Technology. Duncan prefers hands on application and delivering measurable results. With a keen eye for technology & innovation that scales, Duncan is in his element creating wealth for Torrential Exponential partners.


Send us an email and we’ll send you our exponential potential review to self evaluate your business and/or idea.

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